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A Painful Story – Acupuncture

A Painful Story – Acupuncture

I have a patient who comes in for help with a problem with her foot. It is slowly getting better. The other day, she sent me a message telling me that she had to cancel her appointment at the last minute because her back was hurting so much that she needed to go see her chiropractor!

This highlights for me that I have not been doing a good job in helping people understand what, exactly, Chinse medicine is and how it can help.

Another story
As part of my ‘educational moment’ for readers today, I will also tell you of a patient whose wife drove him to my office for a treatment on the weekend. It was an emergency. He could not stand upright because of the severe pain that he was in. I literally placed tiny needles in his ear in the hallway before he got to the treatment room.

Treatment was critical for him, as he was departing in just a few days for an extended business trip. Not going was not an option. He declined the pain medication that made him ill. With daily acupuncture treatments, he was able to go on his trip without pain.

Acupuncture helps ALL pain. The only down side of this 2nd story is that no matter how hard I tried, he was unwilling to take his acupuncturist with him on his trip! Darn!

If you have pain, call me to say that you are coming in for treatment.