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Acupuncture and Physical Issues

Acupuncture and Physical Issues

We are starting a discussion about what acupuncture can help….where to begin? Let’s start with the physical body, since that is where many of us begin. Later entries will address other issues.

Acupuncture treats physical pain. That means any pain from your head to your toes. Headache, back ache, tummy ache, shoulder pain, knee pain, elbow pain.

You need to be a little careful when you try to figure out if acupuncture can help you and your pain. Don’t look at the list. Lists are only made up of the things that we remember in the moment. If you don’t see your pain on that list, you might think, ‘Forget it! It won’t help me.’ That’s not true. Acupuncture helps pain of any sort. For example, I treat pain from shingles, but I don’t usually put that on my ‘list.’

And then there are physical things that if they were better, your life would be much better. Acupuncture can help breathing, appetite, digestion, women’s health issues (PMS, irregular menstrual cycle, heavy bleeding, cramping, infertility, morning sickness) and men’s health issues (enlarged prostate, erectile dysfunction).

In addition to treating all of this (remember, I might have left something off the list), I also specialize in treating scars and scar pain. When the body heals from a cut, a scar forms. It should not be painful. If it is, you need acupuncture!