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Acupuncture and Stress

Acupuncture and Stress

Acupuncture helps reduce stress? How can that be? Wouldn’t it be something if acupuncture would help our spouse be more supportive, or have our children become models of good behavior, or have our bosses become more understanding? Well, acupuncture is good, but not quite that good. How, exactly, can acupuncture help our stress?

Sources of Stress
Stress comes from two places. One is what we described above – the external forces in our lives, how people act around us, the weather, our environment, our situation in life. The second source of stress is the stress that we create in our own minds and hearts.

Did you ever notice that you were feeling stressed and you thought that you really didn’t have any reason for that stress? How about those times when things were a bit stressful, but because of positive things in your life, you were dealing pretty well with things? How do you help yourself when you are feeling internal stress?

Acupuncture can help internal stress. It is possible for people to be in very stressful situations and yet not feel stressed.

Help for stress
One patient of mine was working in a stressful nursing situation After just a few acupuncture treatments, she said that even though nothing at work had changed, she felt much more calm and less stressed – this was because the acupuncture was helping her stay in good balance.

And remember, if your bosses are continuing to give you too much stress, maybe you can find a way to have them come in for acupuncture, too!