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Is a kid really just a small adult? Children and acupuncture

Is a kid really just a small adult? Children and acupuncture

Even though children have the same fingers and toes that we have, we know that they are just not the same as adults. Compared to adults, children are growing rapidly – all of their muscles, bones, and organs are getting bigger and stronger. Kids are also growing emotionally. And sometimes, it can be difficult for them to fit into the world with all of the roles they are given.

How can acupuncture help them? And is acupuncture for kids different than for adults?

Acupuncture helps kids
Acupuncture helps, as always, to balance a person’s energy. For kids, that often means calming down the energy that can be difficult to control. Acupuncture is an excellent tool for helping kids settle emotionally and to help with some of those growing pains.

Acupuncture treatments are different for kids
But what about the needles? Do they seem scary? There is no need to scare kids to help them feel better. Chinese medicine treatments can be done with special massage, special warming, maybe some Chinese herbs, and a tiny needle or two that is inserted and removed very quickly. No being scared and no pain.

Acupuncture treatments for younger children are generally only ½ hour long, as they generally respond quickly to the shorter treatments.

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