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The new year – a new decade

The new year – a new decade

Welcome to a new decade – it’s 2011! This is a perfect time to look back and explore how that last 10 years have been.

I moved here to Madison near the end of 2001, so not quite 10 years ago. My life here in the midwest has been fortunate and filled with blessings.

I have been able to give hundreds and hundreds, well, literally, thousands of acupuncture treatments in these past 10 years. I feel honored to have been able to have worked with so many people. Some people came in for 1 or 2 treatments, while some have had a hundred or more. I always do my best in my acupuncture treatments, and try to provide everyone who sees me with excellent care.

Some years ago, I was treating a woman to help reduce some of her pain. She very much liked her treatments, and said to me one time – “Do you treat all of your patients like this, or am I special?” My answer to her (and to you) is “Yes.” To both parts.

Happy new year to all of you.