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Where in Madison does Amy work?

Where in Madison does Amy work?

Well, that seems like an easy question to answer. It turns out, though, that she works in a number of places, so it might not actually be so easy.

Earlier posts describe the places where she works. This post will give the same information, but in a slightly different way. It will describe where she is each day.

Monday mornings, she works at the Group Health Cooperative  Capitol Clinic on West Washington and Regent Streets.

Monday afternoon and evenings she heads over to her private practice on Monroe Street (near Camp Randall).

Tuesday mornings, she works at her private office on Monroe Street. Then she heads over to Group Health Cooperative Capitol Clinic where she sees patients until 6:30pm.

On Wednesdays, Amy finally settles down and works from her office all day and into the evening.

Thursdays, Amy starts early at the Group Health Cooperative Hatchery Hill clinic (near Fish Hatchery Rd. and County road PD), and returns to her office for appointments from 12:30 through 3pm. This is one day where she tries to work only 8 hours.

Occasionally, though, she gets to go to the Madison Veterans’ Project at 7:15 pm and give free group acupuncture to veterans, the military, and their families. She is one of a few volunteers who has been offering this service for about 3 years.

Amy works in her private office on Fridays, seeing patients through 4pm.

Other times? other places?
Actually, there are other places where Amy works. She generally works during the week, Monday through Friday. When a patient at the UW Hospital wants acupuncture, their doctor writes up an order for acupuncture, and Amy figures out how to fit that in between all of the other appointments that she has…. sometimes she gets to see people after the end of her regular workday.

Right now, Amy does not have regular work hours on Saturdays or Sundays.