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Benefits of Acupuncture

Relieve Pain

ACUPUNCTURE improves every aspect of your health. It is effective in treating pain, from sudden, acute pain to long-term chronic pain. Reduction in pain and stress leads to a more productive, focused, and happier life. Acupuncture helps you relax and take a much needed break from life’s pressures. You deserve to be comfortable – let Amy Crikelair help you.

Improve Energy

BETTER ENERGY helps you deal with all the health and life issues facing you every day. Acupuncture helps improve your energy in many areas – sleep, digestion, breathing, worry, depression, and health. Treatments give you added energy, improve your immune system, and help you feel great. Talk with Amy about improving your energy.

lilyRestore Health

INCORPORATE ACUPUNCTURE AND CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE into your everyday life. Regular treatments keep your body, mind, and spirit in optimal health. Achieving and maintaining an inner sense of peace and tranquility help prevent future illness. Let Amy help you achieve these life goals.

Acupuncture also…

Acupuncture helps you stay healthy. We know that stress depletes the immune system. Since acupuncture is particularly helpful in reducing stress, it can also be noted that it keeps you healthy.

Acupuncture relieves pain, even some pain that you have been told, “You have to learn to live with it.”

Acupuncture builds your energy.

Many of us know that if we change our lifestyle, we can improve our energy and our health. If we cannot make those changes, acupuncture can be a way to keep our energy strong.
Benefits of Amy’s acupuncture style:

Amy’s style incorporates TCM, Japanese, and Kiiko-style acupuncture techniques to give you the best of each modality.

Her techniques have been refined for over 20 years by giving thousands of treatments to patients.

She has worked extensively in home and hospital settings, as well as the more traditional clinic setting.