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Is a kid really just a small adult? Children and acupuncture

Even though children have the same fingers and toes that we have, we know that they are just not the same as adults. Compared to adults, children are growing rapidly – all of their muscles, bones, and organs are getting bigger and stronger. Kids are also growing emotionally. And sometimes, it can be difficult for…
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Can you be like a pro? Try acupuncture!

Be like Aaron Rodgers – a real pro. What does it take to be a pro? Well, if it’s a professional athlete, it takes a lot. It takes hours and hours of work and dedication. It takes talent. It takes being willing to continue competing in spite of pain and injury, because that, after all,…
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A Painful Story – Acupuncture

I have a patient who comes in for help with a problem with her foot. It is slowly getting better. The other day, she sent me a message telling me that she had to cancel her appointment at the last minute because her back was hurting so much that she needed to go see her…
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How do you do like YOUR acupuncture?

I have been thinking about people respond to their acupuncture treatments. People who receive acupuncture from others are surprised at the depth of treatment that they receive from me. So, what do I do in my treatments? What makes them special? Care! It’s simple, really. I have been using acupuncture to help people for over…
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CPR and Acupuncture?

Aren’t you excited to learn that I am now updated in the latest CPR skills? Please don’t take this as an invitation to come to my office if you are having a cardiac event – call 911! In this day and age, acupuncturists have to stay on top of more than just Chinese medicine! I…
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The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back – and Acupuncture

Back Pain People often come in for help with back pain. Some people need just 2 or 3 treatments to help resolve their pain. Some people have very low energy, and this, in combination with their pain, often means that they need to have treatment for a few weeks in order to both help the…
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Echinacea – a non-Chinese herbal medicine

What is the benefit of taking supplements? How about using non-Chinese herbs? The story of Echinacea. Echinacea is an herb that many people have used to boost their immune system. Some people think that you just take it regularly to keep from getting colds. Some people think that you need to take it on an…
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When should you come in for acupuncture? Read on….

How do you know if acupuncture can help you? Here’s a story of someone who found out from his employees! I had a patient some years ago who had a most interesting way of knowing when it was time for him to come back for another treatment. He would laughingly tell me, ‘Well, once again,…
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New Film Alert! An update on the American Healthcare Industry and Complementary Medicine. ESCAPE FIRE!

We just had a big snowstorm here in Madison, but I think we can tell that spring is coming. The snow is melting, the sun is shining. Heck, even the government is getting into it by declaring that Daylight Savings Time shall begin this coming weekend (move your clocks forward!).  What does all of this…
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An Acupuncture Puzzle

Can you solve this puzzle? I bet you can. First Patient Last week, a patient of mine who was coming in for help with low energy told me that she also needed to schedule an appointment with her chiropractor. ‘Why?’ I asked. Well, it turns out that her shoulder was bothering her, and because it…
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