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When should you come in for acupuncture? Read on….

When should you come in for acupuncture? Read on….

How do you know if acupuncture can help you? Here’s a story of someone who found out from his employees!

I had a patient some years ago who had a most interesting way of knowing when it was time for him to come back for another treatment. He would laughingly tell me, ‘Well, once again, my employees have asked me if it has been awhile since I have had acupuncture.’

His employees could see a change in his energy. They saw enough of a change that they bothered to actually comment on it TO THEIR BOSS! Can you imagine? It must have been a big enough change to risk telling their boss to go get acupuncture. Maybe he was too tired. Maybe he was too crabby. Maybe he was less centered.

Don’t wait
Here is my advice to you.

Don’t wait for your employees (or your employer, or your partner, or your children) to tell you it’s time. Get more energy. Be less tired. Be in a better mood. Be centered. Come in for acupuncture today.

You will be glad you did.