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How do you do like YOUR acupuncture?

How do you do like YOUR acupuncture?

I have been thinking about people respond to their acupuncture treatments. People who receive acupuncture from others are surprised at the depth of treatment that they receive from me. So, what do I do in my treatments? What makes them special?

It’s simple, really. I have been using acupuncture to help people for over 20 years. Experience is certainly a part of it. But there is more. Each of my treatments is done with the same goal – to help the person as much as my skill will allow. I treat each person as I would a dear family member – staying focused, taking in all of the information available, testing, evaluating, and finally, treating.

I once had a patient ask me – Do you treat everyone like me, or am I special? The answer is – Yes, to both parts of that question.

Take care of yourself
Isn’t it time that you took care of yourself by coming in and letting me help with your care?