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Children, investments, and acupuncture

Children, investments, and acupuncture

What do children have to do with your most important investments?

What is your most important investment? You can scrutinize your financial ‘portfolio.’ But consider the suggestion that mutual funds have nothing to do with your most important investment.

I have worked in organizations that acknowledge that the children are one of our most important ‘investments’ – helping them to be and become safe, enriched, strengthened, and cared for, and helping them grow into responsible, compassionate, and contributing adults. The children and grandchildren are really the priceless parts of our lives.

Treating children
Recognizing this, I am pleased to let people know that I continue to deepen my knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese medicine for children. I have treated babies and kids for years, but recently completed some advanced training for this work.

Treatment style
Did you know that much of the treatment for children does not involve needles? There may be tiny needles used, but generally, much of the treatment is massage, tapping, essential oils, and Chinese herbs.

What sorts of things do we focus on for children? We look at keeping their immune systems strong and finding ways to help fight off colds and influenza. We also work with children who have emotional or behavioral issues.

Amy and Acupuncture Works
Treatments for children are generally 30 minutes long, and the cost is reduced. Focus ranges from cold and flu prevention/treatment to support with behavioral issues.