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What are you doing to stay healthy? Stop the cold and flu NOW.

What are you doing to stay healthy? Stop the cold and flu NOW.

It’s time to get to the point. đŸ™‚

Here it is, close to the middle of February. The winter has been mild from a weather perspective. How has it been for your health? There have been colds, respiratory flus, and gastrointestinal flus ‘going around’ the Madison area this winter. Have you managed to steer clear of the germs that knock you out of work/school/play for a day or a week or more?

Don’t forget that acupuncture (and Chinese herbs) can be very helpful in keeping you healthy. I recently had a patient come in who reported that she was around a lot of people who were sick. She felt a slight sore throat starting, so immediately started taking the Chinese herbs that I had given her for the beginning of any cold. She did NOT get sick, so did not have to miss any of her classes.

Now that’s good planning! It’s a pretty good tradeoff of an hour’s time for an acupuncture treatment and some Chinese herbs to keep you healthy. That is truly remarkable. We have learned that we can help keep ourselves healthy with exercise and good diet; let’s not forget some regular acupuncture treatments.