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Category: Energy

Spicing up your life in this cold weather

Brrrhh! It is getting cold outside. Did you know that there are ways that you can shift your diet so you can stay warmer? 1)   Cook more of your food. Raw food diets are not a good idea to those of us living in the cold Wisconsin winters. Cooking your food means that your body…
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Multi-tasking and acupuncture?

Did you know that when you come in for acupuncture, you can actually take care of more than one issue? Some people say, – “You really helped my cold. Can you do anything about my friend’s back pain?” –or- – “I know you helped my cramps; it didn’t occur to me that you could help…
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Acupuncture and Spring

Spring is one of the most amazing times of the year. We think nothing of the virtually impossible feats that nature performs, yet we should understand them so we can take better care of ourselves. Life energy Living things change where or how they live in the spring. Birds migrate before the weather changes, trees…
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