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Acupuncture and Spring

Acupuncture and Spring

Spring is one of the most amazing times of the year. We think nothing of the virtually impossible feats that nature performs, yet we should understand them so we can take better care of ourselves.

Life energy
Living things change where or how they live in the spring. Birds migrate before the weather changes, trees send liquid from their roots up the tips of their branches to help the buds grow, bulbs suddenly grow, and bears come out of their winter-long sleep and energetically return to the world.

In Chinese medicine, spring is the time when energy surges. Personally, it might contribute to our ‘cabin fever’ as we long to get out and DO something. We might decide that it is now time to do more exercising. We might feel more agitated or energized. It might be more difficult to sleep. As this energy builds, we might even become more crabby than usual, or women might experience more cramping with their periods. Culturally, we even have the traditional stories of Passover and Easter happening in spring.

Energy balance
Acupuncture works with the seasons to help balance our energy. It would be wonderful to utilize this energy to help us grow to another level or to accomplish a goal. Sometimes acupuncture can help to smooth out that energy so that we can be more productive and so that we can be less agitated.

Consider coming in for a spring tune-up to help you move smoothly into the rest of the year.