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Can we grow and learn without help? I think yes, but help can be a fabulous way to take our learning and growing to the next level.

We are in the midst of a 3 day conference on acupuncture. Here, we are learning new perspectives on treating everything from infertility and menopause to ADHD and depression. It includes over 20 hours of concentrated work. In addition, it includes checking out some of the new work in Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture supplies, and practice management. Beyond the official hours of work and study, colleagues meet after conference hours to discuss everything from how we take care of ourselves to examining specific treatments and cases.

My credentials are a wonderful way to help me remember to take time to learn from others. My Massachusetts license requires specific CEUs in Chinese herbal medicine. Although Wisconsin does not require CEUs to renew my state acupuncture certification, I am proud to maintain my NCCAOM certification (see nccaom.org) that encourages all of us to maintain the highest level of expertise in all aspects of health care. This means that my training include the latest in everything from new research in acupuncture treatments, as well as CPR and ethics.

Don’t forget to allow yourself to rely on the people in your life as you continue to grow and learn. And try some more acupuncture to see what new treatments might be of benefit to you.