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Problems falling asleep?

Problems falling asleep?

A woman came to see me who was having difficulty sleeping. She said that she needed to get to sleep around 11pm or so in order to get sufficient sleep to function well the next day. Unfortunately, she found herself unable to get to sleep until 3am. She was sleeping in and it was affecting every aspect of her life.

Sleep problems can be helped with acupuncture, or sometimes a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. (And, of course, careful attention to diet can be a big factor, as well.) Chinese herbs can help strengthen the effect of a treatment. The herbs can help to reduce your overall cost by not needing 2 or 3 acupuncture treatments a week. In this case, herbs were not needed to shift her sleep patterns.

After a few weeks of once-weekly acupuncture treatments, this woman was able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour and get up for a good day’s activity.

If you find yourself up late at night (perhaps reading this entry), you might think of a comment I made to someone who was suffering – Acupuncture only works if you go in for some treatment. Why don’t you give acupuncture a try?