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Emotional issues and acupuncture

Emotional issues and acupuncture

How do we get help with problems that don’t have a clear-cut physical ‘cause?’ Western doctors don’t have anything to ‘fix.’

How can acupuncture and Chinese medicine help these kinds of problems? After all, western medicine sometimes cannot help. Sometimes we have physical issues that might be caused by, or just made worse by, our emotional state. What’s so special about acupuncture?

Chinese medicine has always taught that there is a strong connection with the body and the mind and the spirit. Because of that, no issue is ever considered to be ‘just emotional’ or even ‘just physical.’ Chinese medicine teaches that emotional issues affect the body AND physical issues affect the emotions. There is no separation between them.

For example, when we have a big event coming up the next day, sometimes we have a little difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. Or our digestion goes out of balance when someone is angry at us. Or after a lot of grieving, our breathing might not feel quite right. Acupuncture can help all of this. One of my patients came to see me because of stress in her life. After a couple of treatments, she commented that even though the external stress in her life had not changed (she was in a challenging work environment), her response to that stress had changed, and she was feeling much better.

If you are not feeling quite right, try some acupuncture.