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More about that Chinese clock and acupuncture

More about that Chinese clock and acupuncture

The last post described some basics of the Chinese clock, and how even though energy  moves through pathways all the time, it peaks in different pathways throughout the day. What does that mean for you?

Let’s consider a typical example. Someone comes in who has difficulty with sleep. They say that they always wake up around 1:30am. What does that mean to a practitioner? Well, we know that the pathway that is most active between 1 and 3am is responsible for helping all of our energy flow smoothly. If we wake up in that time frame, we can suspect that our energy is not flowing smoothly. We also know that lots of frustration and anger can interfere with that smooth-flowing energy.

We are in luck, because Chinese medicine can help both the sleep issue and any frustration that may be going on. A couple of well-placed needles help to calm and smooth the energy so you can sleep soundly through the night. You may also notice a reduction in your frustration levels.

A funny side note: One of my patients would make an appointment when his employees asked – Has it been awhile since you have had acupuncture? You are a little crabby today….

Moral of the story
Pay attention when someone asks if you are stressed or crabby, and get some acupuncture!