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What’s Stress Got to Do With It? Acupuncture and health

Stress is normal, isn’t it? We all have some and it’s really no big deal, right? The truth is, yes, it’s normal, and no, it really IS a big deal. We know how important stress is when we talk about bones. Without physical stress on our bodies (walking, lifting, weights), our bones will not stay…
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More about that Chinese clock and acupuncture

The last post described some basics of the Chinese clock, and how even though energy  moves through pathways all the time, it peaks in different pathways throughout the day. What does that mean for you? Example Let’s consider a typical example. Someone comes in who has difficulty with sleep. They say that they always wake…
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Are you stuck and can’t get out? No, not the acupuncture needle, silly.

Did you ever get stuck on something? You can’t stop smoking, you can’t stop drinking, you can’t stop taking those pills? Or you might be even ‘stuck’ emotionally. Addiction Did you know that acupuncture can be helpful in dealing with addiction? Did you know that Amy is a nationally certified specialist in acupuncture detoxification? She…
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