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Category: Insomnia

Don’t lose sleep over this, but sleeping medication and cancer? Seriously?

Did you know that use of sleeping meds is associated with an increased chance of cancer? This is truly amazing news, and it will most likely be awhile before it is really understood. Understand what sleeping medications are we talking about here – virtually every medication for sleep being advertised today, along with a couple…
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To sleep, perchance to dream….

A recent study published in the British medical journal BMJ Open reveals some remarkable correlations between sleeping medication and an increased risk of dying. That’ll kill you??? The study states that people taking a prescription sleeping pill have a 3 times greater chance of dying than people who do not take a sleeping pill or sedative. Whew!…
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Here it comes…..

Here it comes, a new year! Is it an exciting time for you? Do you have plans and hopes for the coming year? My hope for you is fun and joy. These are some big contributors to your fun and joy – good sleep, good exercise, and good mood. Sleep Remember to make time to…
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Multi-tasking and acupuncture?

Did you know that when you come in for acupuncture, you can actually take care of more than one issue? Some people say, – “You really helped my cold. Can you do anything about my friend’s back pain?” –or- – “I know you helped my cramps; it didn’t occur to me that you could help…
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Problems falling asleep?

A woman came to see me who was having difficulty sleeping. She said that she needed to get to sleep around 11pm or so in order to get sufficient sleep to function well the next day. Unfortunately, she found herself unable to get to sleep until 3am. She was sleeping in and it was affecting…
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Acupuncture and Insomnia

Suppose you can’t sleep. Is that a problem? It depends. If the food and drink and excitement on Superbowl Sunday kept you awake until late, that is probably not a problem. If, however, you generally have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, then it would be beneficial to attend to it. There’s no…
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