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The fear of October!!!! hah hah hah

The fear of October!!!! hah hah hah

Acupuncture and colds/the flu
It’s happening. Just like it does every autumn. And there is something that you can do about it. You don’t have to be sick.

But you can’t just ignore the reality that this is the time of year when people flu and colds than the warm summer. You have to fight back.

What to do? Ahhh, this is the easy part.

1) Get some sleep. Lots of it.

2) Take Vitamin D – 1, 000 – 2, 000 units a day. Unless you’re like some of my patients whose Vitamin D3 levels are closer to 18, and your doctor may have you taking 50,000 units a week. This is serious stuff.

3) Get some acupuncture. It’s good for helping your sleep, for helping your stress (see earlier post about how stress impacts your immune system), for building your immune system, and also helps with your other complaints.

4) If you start to get the sniffles or a scratchy throat, get some Chinese herbal medicine. Gan Mao Ling is available at The Community Pharmacy, the Willy Coop, Quintessence, or my office here in Madison, Wisconsin. Get a bottle and when you start feeling cold-ish, take 3-6 pills every 3-4 hours. Or call to find out how you might best take it. It is a very powerful antiviral formula and will either get rid of the little germs, or shorten the length of your cold/flu. Do it today to take care of tomorrow.

Now, what is that Halloween costume you were thinking of putting together? Go have fun!