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How do you do like YOUR acupuncture?

I have been thinking about people respond to their acupuncture treatments. People who receive acupuncture from others are surprised at the depth of treatment that they receive from me. So, what do I do in my treatments? What makes them special? Care! It’s simple, really. I have been using acupuncture to help people for over…
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CPR and Acupuncture?

Aren’t you excited to learn that I am now updated in the latest CPR skills? Please don’t take this as an invitation to come to my office if you are having a cardiac event – call 911! In this day and age, acupuncturists have to stay on top of more than just Chinese medicine! I…
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AODA and Acupuncture

September Did you know that September is ‘National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month?’  Let us take a little extra time to acknowledge those in our lives who are working to live in recovery. Acupuncture is useful in helping people deal with alcohol and drug use. I had the pleasure recently of helping a young…
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Health care providers at Acupuncture Works, Madison WI

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in your office was terrific? Amy Crikelair is delighted to say that Acupuncture Works has nothing but terrific people sharing office space with her. Here is a shout out to those providers: Deb Bachmann of Tao Sangha Madison is trained as a Tao shiatsu practitioner. She even lived for 5…
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Where in Madison does Amy work?

Well, that seems like an easy question to answer. It turns out, though, that she works in a number of places, so it might not actually be so easy. Earlier posts describe the places where she works. This post will give the same information, but in a slightly different way. It will describe where she…
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The new year – a new decade

Welcome to a new decade – it’s 2011! This is a perfect time to look back and explore how that last 10 years have been. I moved here to Madison near the end of 2001, so not quite 10 years ago. My life here in the midwest has been fortunate and filled with blessings. I…
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When do I work? And where, exactly?

It might be useful for you to know where I work. There are actually 4 places where you can receive an acupuncture treatment from me. 1) Acupuncture Works – This is my private practice/office at 1605 Monroe Street in Madison, Wisconsin. I work in the office every day of the week, but my hours vary,…
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Acupuncture Styles – TCM, Japanese, Kiiko

A brief explanation of the various styles of acupuncture, including the world-famous Japanese Kiiko-style used by the author.

Amy Crikelair and Acupuncture (Chinese Medicine)

My journey to acupuncture and Chinese medicine is filled with twists and turns, both in geography and careers. I grew up in New Jersey, lived for a few years in Pennsylvania, and then Boston for over 20 years. I moved here to Madison, Wisconsin the month after 9/11 in 2001. I began my work career…
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