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The fear of October!!!! hah hah hah

Acupuncture and colds/the flu It’s happening. Just like it does every autumn. And there is something that you can do about it. You don’t have to be sick. But you can’t just ignore the reality that this is the time of year when people flu and colds than the warm summer. You have to fight…
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Chinese calligraphy and Chinese medicine

Do you like it? This is some of the outcome of my exploration into calligraphy! Some of us had a delightful time learning about and practicing Chinese calligraphy. The class, ‘Enjoy the brush,’ was taught by Kaz Tanahashi, a world-renowned Japanese artist. We spent hours practicing what appears to be a simple stroke, and learned…
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More about that Chinese clock and acupuncture

The last post described some basics of the Chinese clock, and how even though energy  moves through pathways all the time, it peaks in different pathways throughout the day. What does that mean for you? Example Let’s consider a typical example. Someone comes in who has difficulty with sleep. They say that they always wake…
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It happens like clockwork – clockwork and acupuncture

Everyone probably knows somebody who wakes up at a particular time of the night and they know even without looking what time it is. Their bodies wake them up at 2am or 3:30am. Or they get particularly tired at 2:30 in the afternoon. What about you? Do you have anything the occurs ‘like clockwork’  the…
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