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End of the summer fun with food

Would you like to know of some good ways to eat vegetables? Here are some ideas on how to eat those vegetables that are so, < so good AND good FOR you - kale, green cabbage, and red cabbage! Kale salad Wash the kale and cut out the thick rib. Turn the leaves sideways and…
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Spicing up your life in this cold weather

Brrrhh! It is getting cold outside. Did you know that there are ways that you can shift your diet so you can stay warmer? 1)   Cook more of your food. Raw food diets are not a good idea to those of us living in the cold Wisconsin winters. Cooking your food means that your body…
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Summer food – fruit!

Fruits are abundant during the summer. It’s easy to grab a peach or a pear and munch away. Have a variety of fruits around that you can eat. They are perfect for snacks, but here are a few other ways you can really enjoy fruit. Yogurt parfait Use unsweetened plain yogurt here, as the fruit…
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Summer food – Vegetables! (and tea)

It is summertime, and there is nothing better than good vegetables and fruits. Here are some ways to eat vegetables that may help you both enjoy your summer and improve your health. These are delicious dishes and keep well in the fridge so you can make them ahead of time. Cabbage slaw 1/2 green cabbage…
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